Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ana Beatriz Osorio

Ana Beatriz Osorio
Birth name                  Ana Beatriz Osorio Ugarte
Birth date                    May 1, 19??
Occupation                 Actress
Birth place                  Caracas, Venezuela
Astrological Sign         Taurus

At that time was working as a model, people knew enough to almost half and began to shoot arrows, but I learned a lot, I was in charge of pre-production, casting, coordination of field production and editing to the program.
Later, the president of that channel, I set out to be the image of a new space, but by that time, I already had other plans. At 17, she had done theater with Professor Gilberto Pinto, and from those experiences, I was the thorn in the performance, I felt more than a hobby that was my direction, and that's how I began to study and prepare to take the plunge .
After having established a career in Venezuela, decided to settle in Bogota and start again.This beautiful young woman full of energy projects and good, speaks his career in his native Venezuela and says his footsteps to continue in force in the middle.

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