Sunday, 17 July 2011

Ellen Rocche

Ellen Rocche

Birth date                       July 19, 1979
Birth place                     São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Occupation                    Actress and Models
Height                            5' 9¼" (1.76 m)
Measurements               36¼-22½-39½".

Life and Career
Ellen Rocche became famous performing songs in a tv show called Qual e a musica (which can be translated as "Which song is it?"), broadcast nationwide by SBT.

Ellen Rocche dreamed to become a doctor and she started the career of artist only as brincadeira.

Appreciated mainly for her physical attributes, Ellen Roche would make headlines again as the cover of the Brazilian issue of the Playboy magazine of November 2001.

Ellen Roche would then proceed to join the cast of a reality show based loosely on the Dutch Big Brother, dubbed Casa dos Artistas, in which famous people ("B" celebrities, in lieu of the usual anonymous participants) were locked together in a house and then gradually voted out.

Ellen Roche was also featured on the Dream Girl Cam, for the Venice Online website and played a Brazilian version of the Lara Croft character, to promote the movie Tomb Raider in Brazil.


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