Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ildi Silva

Popular name             Ildi Silva
Birth Name                Ildimara da Silva e Silva
Birth date                   October 8, 1982
Birth place                  Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Occupation                 Actress and Model
Skin color                   Brown
Eye color                    Greeen
Hair color                    Dark brown

Life and Career
Ildi Silva grew up in Salvador city and both her parent are black,  she is 71% European, 19% African and 10% native Indian. She is a mix of genes found mainly in France, Kenya and Cameroon. Her green eyes are Dutch. Her body is a history book of Brazil. In her it all comes together beautifully!. Ildi Silva played the secretary Yvone on the television show  “Paraíso Tropical”. She grew up in Salvador city. She refused to appear in Brazilian Playboy where she would have been paid well to take all her clothes off. On the other hand she did appear wearing next to nothing in Paparazzo magazine  The press never tires of writing about her love life, much of it imagined or read into chance pictures.

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