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Isis Valverde

Isis Valverde 

Birth Name                   Isis Nable Valverde
Birth date                      February 17, 1987
Birth place                    Aiuruoca, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Occupation                   Model and Actress
Height                           5'3

Life and Career
Her breakthrough role was the mysterious veil of the novel Anne Sinha Girl in 2006. Then came the young Rakelli novel Beleza Pura, in 2008, the most prominent figure of her career so far. Her first came as the protagonist character Marcela, in the remake of Ti Ti Ti, a role that was once played by Elizabeth Savall in feathers and sequins.

At fifteen, Isis Valverde left the town where she grew up, Aiuruoca, and went to her hometown of Belo Horizonte, to study. 

At sixteen, she began working as a model and made several campaigns, including one in which claims to have a fetish for tickling. At eighteen, she moved to Rio de Janeiro, where she began studying theater.

In 2005, auditioned for the soap opera Beautiful Giovana live, but lost the role to Paola Oliveira. Shortly thereafter, on the small screen debut as the mysterious Anna in the remake of the Veil Sinha Girl (the same role was played by Patricia Pillar in the original version, 1986).

In 2007, was praised for his participation in Tropical Paradise, as the prostitute Telma. In 2008, the novel was successful in 19 hours, Beleza Pura, where lived the coquettish Rakelli, a manicure daughter of former Rockettes Ivete (Zezé Polessa), who dreamed of becoming a stage manager of the Cauldron of Huck. The girl dating mason Robson (Marcelo Faria), initially against the wishes of the mother who thought her daughter deserved better.

In 2009, the actress was in the novel Way of the Indies, the first novel of the 21h of her career (considering that she participated in Tropical Paradise only the first ten chapters), playing dreamy Camila, a young man who knows an Indian (Ravi , character of Caio Blat), and falls for him, moving to India, struggling to adapt to the customs of the country.

The actress was in the novel Ti Ti Ti, Marcela representing that involved a love triangle between Edgar (Caio Castro) and Renato
(William Winter).


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