Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Rocío Guirao Díaz

Rocío Guirao Díaz
Background Information

Birth date                           27 June 1984
Birth place                         Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation                        Actress and Model
Height                               5' 5¾" (1.67 m)
Spouse                              Nicolás Paladini (2 children)

As a model she worked for high fashion brands like Everlast, Prestige, Tabatha, Sigry, Naffta, Fes Jeans, VOV Jeans, Saverio Di Ricci, Kees Von Kees and others.

In 2007, Rocío danced in the successful TV program Bailando por un sueño (the Argentine version of Dancing with the Stars) and hosted a TV program on cars called The Garage. In 2009 Rocío danced again in Showmatch as part of "El Musical De Tus Sueños" where she finished third.

In 2010 she starred in Pour La Gallery, a play by Aníbal Pachano.

* El Arcoiris De Rocío (2011)
* Pour La Gallery (2010)

Television appearances
* Bailando Por Un Sueño (2011)
* El Musical De Tus Sueños (2009)
* Camera Café (2008)
* Bailando Por Un Sueño (2007)
* El Garage (2007)
* Los Roldán (2005)
* Winternews (2004)


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