Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Kristin Pardo

Venezuelan Actress

Birth name                Kristin Inés Pardo de Navarro
Birth date                 June 14, 19xx
Birth place                Lima, Peru
Occupation               Model and Actress

Kristin Brown is a Peruvian-Venezuelan actress known for her roles in telenovelas Today I saw Viva la Pepa, A quitao pants and Women of Judas. she enrolled at the Catholic University Andres Bello, to study Social Communication, and after graduation she began studying theater at the Luz Columba School under the tutelage of Nelson Ortega.

Kristin Brown began his career as an advertising model at age 17, traveling to countries like Japan, Panama and the United States among others. 

In the theater participated in the works of Caesar The Merry cantharides Rengifo, and the last trial of Nelson Ortega. Her  first TV project was in the miniseries Where is the love?, Salserín vehicle. This work was followed by roles in Amores extra turn of the century, Luisa Fernanda and I saw you today.

Her first credit was stellar in the novel live the pit, where she played Coralia, followed by roles in A quitao pants and Women of Judas and Mi Gorda Bella.

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