Friday, 18 January 2013

Daniela Spanic

Popular name         Daniela Spanic
Birth name              Daniela Spanic Utrera
Birth date               December 10, 1973
Birth place             Ortiz Guarico, Venezuela
Occupation             Model and Actress
Sibling                    Gabriela Spanic

Personal Life
After emerging victorious from a stroke, Daniela Spanic (40)  faces another health problem due to bacteria.
I suppose that the sister Gaby Spanic is a fungus that is causing severe damage to her throat.  Daniela besides having flu, can not eat because the fungus blocks the passage of food. The worst is when even the doctors know what bacteria is, so they can not prescribe anything. Daniela confessed she finds it hard to swallow and even their speech is already abnormal, but tries to lead a normal life and eat lots of vegetables and drink plenty of water. The twin of the star of 'Empress' is determined to overcome the fungus, and visit several doctors to find out what is exactly.

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