Sunday, 17 February 2013

Alexandra Braun

Popular name               Alexandra Braun
Birth name                   Alexandra Braun Waldeck
Birth date                     May 19, 1983
Birth place                   Caracas, Venezuela
Occupation                  Actress, Model and TV host
Height                          1.79 m (5 ft 10.5 in)
Measurements              90-60-90
Hair color                     Blonde
Eye color                     Hazel

Life and Career
Alexandra Braun hold titles Sambil Model 2005 (winner),  Miss Venezuela 2005 (1st runner up) Miss Earth Venezuela 2005 Miss Earth 2005 (winner) She has a degree in  Marketing and Advertising.
As Miss Earth winner, Braun travelled the world to participate and promote environmental awareness programs with the Philippine-based Miss Earth Foundation. She also visited several countries including Canada, Puerto Rico, Chile, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Venezuela.
Her winning in Miss Earth 2005 made her a household name in Venezuela and in modeling business.

She started in a new stage of her life when she announced the launching of her own accessories brand name ¨DiBraun Accessories¨ with her twin sister Karina. She has appeared in a variety of magazines right after her reign including Philippine's 'Women's Journal', Variedades, Man, Ocean Drive, Maxim, Urbe, Que Pasa (Chile) and more. Braun is now an established model in Latin America, Europe and Asia appearing in numerous television spots, magazines and advertising campaigns in countries such as Philippines, Romania, Malaysia, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Bolivia and her home country Venezuela. She started her career as an actress in Venezuela and going to appear in March 2013.  Hasta que la muerte nos separe¨ is about a model who falls in love with a boxer.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Latino Queen in Miss World

Latino Queen in Miss World either as a Winner, Runner-Up or as Top Participants, from Latino or South America Countries and Territories From 2002 to 2012,
See also Latino Queen in  Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth, 

Miss World 2012 was held in Ordos, China on August 18, 2012. There are 116 contestants competed in this pageant marking the biggest turnout in the Miss World's history. In this  pageant Latino contestants
only took place on Top Seven. At the end of the event Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela crowned her successor Yu Wenxia of China.

Top 7 MW 2012 -  Brazil - Mariana Notarangelo

Top 7 MW 2012 - Jamaica - Deanna Robins.

Top 15 MW 2012 - Mexico - Mariana Berumen Reynoso

Top 15 MW 2012 - Spain – Aránzazu Estévez

Top 30 MW 2012 - Colombia - Barbara Turbay

Top 30 MW 2012 - Dominican Republic – Sally Aponte Tejada

Top 30 MW 2012- Panama – Maricely González

Top 30 MW 2012 - Puerto Rico – Janelee Chaparro

Miss World 2011 pageant was held at the Earls Court Two on 6 November 2011 in London. 113 contestants from all over the world competed for the crown, making the biggest turnout in the pageant's history.  Alexandria Mills of the United States crowned her successor Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela at the end of the event.

Miss World 2011 Venezuela – Ivian Sarcos

2nd Runner-up MW 2011- Puerto Rico – Amanda Vilanova

Top 20 MW 2011 - Chile – Gabriela Pulgar

Top 20 MW 2011-  Paraguay – Nicole Huber

Miss World 2010 pageant was held in Sanya, China on October 30, 2010. Kaiane Aldorino of Gibraltar crowned her successor Alexandria Mills of the United States as Miss World 210

 2nd Runner-up  MW 2010 - Venezuela - Adriana Vasini

Miss World 2009 pageant was held at the Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa on December 12, 2009. There are 112 contestants competed for the Miss World Crown, marking their best experience and life history in this pageant.  Miss World 2008,  Ksenia Sukhinova of Russia, crowned Kaiane Aldorino of Gibraltar, at the end of event.

1st Runner-up MW 2009 Mexico - Perla Beltrán

5th Runner-up MW 2009 Panama - Nadege Herrera

6th Runner-up MW 2009 Colombia - Daniela Ramos

Miss World 2009 pageant was held at Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg, South Africa on December 13, 2008. 109 contestants competed in this pageant. Zhang Zilin of the People's Republic of China crowned Ksenia Sukhinova of Russia as the brand new Miss World.

Top 15 MW 2008 - Brazil - Tamara Almeida

Top 15 MW 2008 - Mexico - Anagabriela Espinoza

Top 15 MW 2008 - Puerto Rico - Ivonne Orsini

Top 15 MW 2008 - Spain - Patricia Rodríguez

Top 15 MW 2008 - Venezuela - Hannelly Quintero

Miss world 2007 pageant was held at Sanya, China on December 1, 2007  Zhang Zilin of China won the competition and was crowned by Miss World 2006 Taťána Kuchařová of the Czech Republic.
106 contestants from participant's countries competed for the crown

 2nd Runner-up MW 2007 - Mexico - Carolina Morán

Top 16 MW 2007 - Dominican Republic - Ada Aimee de la Cruz

Top 16 MW 2007 - Ecuador - Valeska Saab

Top 16 MW 2007 - Puerto Rico - Jennifer Guevara

Top 16 MW 2007 - Venezuela - Claudia Suárez

Miss World 2006 was held at Sala Kongresowa, Warsa, Poland on September 30, 2006. 104 contestants from all over the world competed for the crown marking at that time. All contestants were divided in six regional groups: Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Caribbean, Northern Europe and Southern Europe.
Miss World 2005 Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir of Iceland crowned her successor Miss World 2006 Taťána Kuchařová of Czech Republic

Top 6 - Brazil - Jane Borges

Top 17 MW 2006 - Mexico - Karla Jiménez

Top 17 MW 2006 - Puerto Rico - Thebyam Carrión

Top 17 MW 2006 - Venezuela - Federica Guzmán

Miss Wold 2005 pageant was held in Sanya, China on December 10, 2005. Miss World 2004 title holder
Maria Julia Mantila from Peru crowned her successor Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir from Iceland.
102 contestants from all over the world competed for the crown. The 12 semi finalist were determined by public through internet, telephone and sms voting.

1st Runner-up MW 2005 -  Mexico - Dafne Molina

2nd Runner-up MW 2005 - Puerto Rico - Ingrid Marie Rivera

Top 15 MW 2005 - Spain - Mireia Verdú

Miss World 2004 was held in Sanya, China on December 6, 2004. Rossana Davison from Ireland (Miss World 2003) crowned her successor Maria Julia Mantilla from Peru, There are 107 contestants from all over the world competed in the Miss World pageant.

Miss World 2004 Peru - María Julia Mantilla

1st runner-up MW 2004 -  Dominican Republic - Claudia Cruz

Top 15 MW 2004 Mexico - Yessica Ramírez

Miss World 2003 was held at Crown of Beauty Theater, Sanya, China on December 6, 2003.
Miss World 2002 title holder Azra Akin from Turkey crowned her successor Rosanna Davison from Ireland.

Top 20 MW 2003 - Bolivia - Helen Aponte

Top 20 MW 2003 - Dominican Republic - María Eugenia Vargas

Top 20 MW 2003 - Jamaica - Jade Fulford

Top 20 MW 2003 - Peru - Claudia Hernández

 Top 20 MW 2003 - Puerto Rico - Joyceline Montero

Top 20 MW 2003 - Venezuela - Valentina Patruno

Miss World 2002 was held on December 7, 2002 at Alexandra Palace, London. UK. Azra Akin from Turkey won the beauty pageant and she was crowned by  Miss World 2001, Agbani Darego of Nigeria.

1st runner-up MW 2002 Colombia – Natalia Peralta

2nd runner-up MW 2002  Peru – Marina Mora

4th runner-up MW 2000 Uruguay - Katja Thomsen