Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Triana Maida

Popular name          Triana Maida
Birth date   
Birth place               Argentine
Ethnicity                  Hispanic
Occupation              Model
Height                      1.715 M (5 ft 7/5 in)
Hair color                Blonde
Eye color                 Hazel
Measurements         33.5"-23.5"-35"
Dress size                 2
Shoe size                  7

Stefania Fernandez

Popular name        Stefania Fernandez
Birth name             Stefania Fernández Krupij
Birth date               September 4, 1990
Birth place             Mérida,  Venezuela
Height                    1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Hair color              Brown
Eye color               Brown
Title                        Miss Universe 2009

Stefania Fernandez won the Miss Venezuela 2008 title in a pageant held in Caracas on September 10, 2008.Where she represented Venezuela in Miss Universe 2009 pageant was held at the Imperial Balroom, Atlantis Paradise Island, in Nassau, Bahamas on August 23, 2009. Stefania Fernandes was crowned Miss Universe 2009 by outgoing titleholder Dayana Mendoza.
(from Venezuela).

Alessandra Rosaldo

Popular name          Alessandra Rosaldo
Birth name               Alejandra Sanches Barrero
Birth date                 September 11, 1971
Birth place                Mexico City, Mexico
Occupation               Singer, Actress and Hostess

Alessandra Rosaldo is an anctress, singer and dancer from Mexico. In 2006 she was the winner of the first prize in Televisa Network's . She has played main and supporting roles in Mexican TV's soap operas. She has sold over 4 million records in the Spanish speaking world as the lead singer of her own pop music band Sentidos Opuestos as well in her solo singer career.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Ana de la Reguera

Popular name          Ana de la Reguera
Birth name               Anabell Gardoqui de la Reguera
Birth date                 April 8, 1977
Birth place              Veracruz, Mexico
Occupation              Actress and Model

Ana de la Reguera has starred in telenovelas, films and the HBO television series Eastbound & Down. Her acting career began with her role in the telenovela Azul (1986). She received the Heraldo award for best female acting and Desencuentro. Reguera has been in many commercials and television show in Mexico. She is currently working with Argos Communication  on the HBO Latin American Series "Capadocia" and she also serves as a spokesperson for Cover Girl Cosmetic.